Hello! Let's get to know one another.

Who are we?

We are a body of believers that strive daily to truly give ourselves over to God. We don't claim to be the perfect church, but we are being perfected daily through the strength and providence of our mighty God! The East Peoria Church is like a family...full of quirks and differences that all come together to make a wonderful atmosphere of fellowship in the spirit of God.


What to expect?

At the East Peoria church of Christ, our desire is to continually restore ourselves to New Testament Christianity and refuse to hold human creeds as a test of faith or fellowship. We claim to be Christians only and adhere to no doctrine other than what is expressly taught in the New Testament Scriptures.


What is a service like?

Our weekly Sunday morning assembly includes elements of praising God and edifying one another in song, prayer, The Lord's Supper, collections for ministry, and the proclamation of God's word.


What should I wear?

We welcome you just as you are. Some members come dressed in business casual, some come dressed in jeans or casual skirts. Each of our members are different and so is their personal style.


What should I bring?

Every time we meet we read from the Word, so bring your Bible if you can. We use them every week! Don’t have one? Don’t worry, we have plenty to share with you. We hold to no standard version, however, we typically preach from the New American Standard version. 


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East Peoria Church of Christ